The Nokia 5630 Red or Express music is just a phone on a mission. That mission is to offer an exceptionally fast internet connection whilst supplying a whole raft of addition functions to help keep its owner amused. This it does with aplomb. From its amazing 10.2 Mbps internet connection to its impressive screen which displays 16 million colours, this phone is created to entertain.

The telephone utilises the ARM 11 600 MHz processor and Symbian os, both which are excellent and reliable elements glasvezel zakelijk. The telephone also provides an impressive 2.2 inch TFT screen which has a display size of 240 x 320 pixels. As discussed earlier the screen can display as much as 16 million colours which means that images are displayed with accurate colour representation.

GPRS and EDGE are generally provided, both which are class 32 in addition to the aforementioned HSDPA which gives access to the internet at an impressive 10.2 Mbps, which can be somewhat quicker than most home broadband landline packages. Wi-Fi also has an additional element for access through available hot spots through the entire country. Blue tooth and microUSB provide addition connectivity for file sharing and synchronisation.

The phones camera is 3.15 mega pixels which has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The camera posseses an enhanced fixed focus and LED flash to illuminate any object for clear and crisp image taking. The camera also offers the capability to take video in addition to another camera for the useful video call feature.

The telephone posseses an MP3 player and stereo FM radio with RDS. This enables the consumer to own usage of downloaded songs and local and national radio stations.

The Nokia 5630 Red is just a phone which offers a whole lot to the consumer. The entire appeal might hinge on the fast internet connectivity however it will also be borne at heart that this phone offers so much more. This phone will attract a wide selection of people and therefore can be a well known handset, of that there is no doubt.

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